May 19, 2023 · OK, IMO there is not need to add OP premiums for germany, i just want some fun and unusual premiums like 2s38, beacuse german tech tree is kinda boring even though i love Leopards.

Not only do they get good early jets and great matchups vs the US (hordes of Me262s and Ho229s vs props.

(Idk about past 6. .

The F-4C Phantom II is one of the best planes the country has to offer in War Thunder.

The bomber is line very fun as well.

. It comes in a BR of 10. 0.

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china - mig 9. 25. .

0 (AB/SB) and 7. .


LA-5 is by far the best tier 11 plane in the game.

My personal think at this time F-14A the best of fighter aircraft top tier, in fact F-4EJ KAI, Kfir C. It has flown in American.

Good Light Tanks (thanks to lend-lease later on, but also in Rank I). by Andrew Tye.

Thumb button 1 lock air to air.
DeltaSBW 298 DeltaSBW.



. . Best nation for jets vary with each particular battle rating.

By DeltaSBW, Yesterday at 12:08 in General Discussion. 25 Top tier jets level speed envelope rev. The Ukrainian president made the comments while. 0, and for 8. 2. Lagg 35 is by far the best tier 3 plane in the game.

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OK, we have leo 2 pzbt 123, but this is just 1:1 leopard from tech tree but with camouflage. .

The B-29 is called the Superfortress for a reason.

Britain has the hunter f6 (a lot of people don’t like it or hate on it because SRAAM on subsonic at 10.