This adapter kit allows you to attach a 3rd or 4th gen Chevy LS V8 transmission (4L60E, 4L80E, T56, and more) to a Volkswagen TDI engine (1.

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Add to Cart. Mazworx SR-K Series FWD Transmission Adapter Kit.

Honda K-Series to FRS BRZ FT86 6speed.

Honda K-Series to GT86, FRS, BRZ, KA24DE Adapter Plate.

Ballade Sports K-series Adapter Plate. . .


Ballade Sports / Rywire Jumper Harness for KPro / AEM ECU. . Precision machined from 6061 this adapter features perfect dowel pinned alignment and all hardware needed.

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Gearbox: BMW N55 S55 GETRAG dual-clutch DCT DKG.

SKU: PMC - F0RX8-K. These companies offer adapters to help with installing a transmission to a specific engine.

Availability: In Stock Usually ships In 1-2 Business Days, Quantity Available: 1 In Stock: 1: $529. Our K20/K24 to Ls Adapter kit is no exception.

We are excited to release our billet flywheel and transmission adapter plate to mate your K-Series engine to a CD00x transmission.
This makes adapting an s2000 transmission to your k24 engine a breeze.

-A specific BP or K to E46 6-speed flywheel (different geometry than the.

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It's designed to work with all existing KMiata swap kit components and gives K series users. April 16, 2015 July 14, 2015;. The bellhousing is pre-drilled to allow 0 degrees (vertical) or the standard 15 degrees alignment.

Set Descending Direction. The TH400 is very strong and could handle the potential for the K-Series motors. This is an alternative to our BMW ZF. $405. Corvette C2. T-1UZ-W5x-TA.


Sort By. The adapter plate will allow you to run BMW ZF 5spd, ZF 6spd, and the G260 transmission (E30) to a Honda K-series engine.

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Transmission can be sourced from inline 6 engine 3.